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Which topics are offered?

All project and thesis topics focus on particle fluid simulation and stochastic raytracing.

What about a lab course?

There are two options for the lab course: 1. Implementation of a simple fluid solver. 2. Implementation of a simple raytracer. The general idea of both variants is to prepare a basis for a subsequent Master project and potentially also for a Master thesis. E.g., you start with a simple fluid solver in the lab course. Then, additional components or features are added in the following Master project or existing components are improved and analyzed. With such an experience, you are prepared for a sophisticated and challenging Master thesis, the results of which contribute to the cutting-edge research of our group.

Projects and theses should be aligned with the semester. It is highly recommended that projects start at the beginning of a semester.

How to prepare for a lab course?

Corresponding to the project topics, our courses focus on rendering and simulation. 1. If you are interested in rendering, we recommend to attend our key course in the first semester. For the second semester, we recommend the rendering course "Advanced Computer Graphics". To stay in time with your study, it would make sense to start the lab course on rendering also in the second semester, parallel to the rendering course. This is not optimal, but allows to perform the Master project and Master thesis in the third and fourth semester, respectively. 2. The same idea holds for the simulation track. If you are interested in simulation, you can attend the key course in the first semester, but more importantly, you should attend the course "Simulation in Computer Graphics" in the second semester. The Lab course could be done in parallel in the second semester, and the Master Project and Master thesis in the following two semesters.

The examplary study plan of the department says ...

The sample study plans do not cover all options. Instead, they focus on very few options. It is important to understand that you, e.g., have to attend a certain number of key and specialization courses, but not in a specific semester. On the other hand, there are implicit constraints derived from common sense. E.g., attending a project or seminar makes more sense, if you have acquired some basics in the field by attending the respective key course or a specialization course. Doing a project in our group without attending at least the key course in advance, is theoretically possible, but far from optimal.

I do not know anything about rendering and simulation, but would like to attend a seminar or a project.

Our seminars and projects do not provide an introduction to rendering or simulation. Instead, they base on expertise from the key course.

How to get in touch?

If you are interested in a thesis project in Computer Graphics, please contact any group member. It can also be useful to talk to any of the students below who have already attended projects and performed theses in our group.

Previous theses

Corbinian GruberMaster Thesis08/22 - 02/23
Jonathan HauserMaster Thesis08/22 - 02/23
Marc LorenzBachelor Thesis09/22 - 12/22
Pascal HunklerBachelor Thesis07/22 - 10/22
Leon HoltmeierBachelor Thesis07/22 - 10/22
Lukas NöllemeyerBachelor Thesis06/22 - 09/22
Christian HandschuhBachelor Thesis06/22 - 09/22
Aaron WürthBachelor Thesis06/22 - 09/22
Nicola GrigatMaster Thesis10/21 - 04/22
Melissa HaegleBachelor Thesis04/21 - 10/21
Timo ProbstMaster Thesis03/21 - 09/21
Florian ProbstBachelor Thesis12/20 - 05/21
Nils HagnerBachelor Thesis12/20 - 05/21
Philipp SandwegBachelor Thesis10/20 - 03/21
Haralambi TodorovMaster Thesis09/20 - 03/21
Julius BrendleBachelor Thesis04/20 - 10/20
Simon TippeBachelor Thesis04/20 - 09/20
Jonas OldenstaedtMaster Thesis04/20 - 10/20
Daniel EdwardsMaster Thesis04/20 - 10/20
Jonathan HauserBachelor Thesis10/19 - 02/20
Corbinian GruberBachelor Thesis10/19 - 02/20
Yannick LeinhosMaster Thesis04/19 - 10/19
Silas ZimmermannBachelor Thesis10/18 - 02/19
Timo ProbstBachelor Thesis10/18 - 02/19
Philipp BauschMaster Thesis10/17 - 04/18
Mostafa MorsyMaster Thesis07/17 - 01/18
Lukas BrendleMaster Thesis06/17 - 12/17
Matthias MüllerMaster Thesis06/17 - 12/17
Sinje BalzerMaster Thesis10/16 - 04/17
Nico ZimmermannBachelor Thesis04/16 - 08/16
Philipp MallotBachelor Thesis10/15 - 02/16
Christoph GisslerMaster Thesis06/15 - 12/15
Stefan BandMaster Thesis05/15 - 11/15
Matthias MüllerBachelor Thesis10/14 - 02/15
Andreas HenneMaster Thesis05/14 - 11/14
Christoph GisslerBachelor Thesis04/13 - 08/13
Alexander DippelMaster Thesis12/12 - 06/13
Andreas PeerMaster Thesis07/12 - 02/13
Arthur WahlMaster Thesis02/12 - 08/12
Jens CornelisMaster Thesis01/12 - 07/12
Edgar OswaldMaster Thesis12/11 - 06/12
Philpp VathMaster Thesis02/11 - 09/11
Alexander DippelBachelor Thesis10/10 - 03/11
Julian BaderMaster Thesis08/10 - 02/11
Jürgen LuhrDiploma Thesis03/10 - 09/10
Adrian RoscaBachelor Thesis12/09 - 03/10
Nadir AkinciMaster Thesis10/09 - 08/10
Gizem KayarMaster Thesis10/09 - 08/10
Oleg StobbeBachelor Thesis08/09 - 02/10
Edgar OswaldBachelor Thesis06/09 - 10/09
Arthur WahlBachelor Thesis06/09 - 10/09
Emanuel KoziolekBachelor Thesis06/09 - 10/09
Radik YusupovBachelor Thesis06/09 - 10/09
Alexander NitscheDiploma Thesis03/09 - 09/09
Daniel FaderDiploma Thesis10/08 - 04/09
Philipp Klaus KrauseDiploma Thesis08/08 - 02/09
Andreas BühlBachelor Thesis07/08 - 12/08
Bastian WisslerBachelor Thesis06/08 - 10/08
Roman EngelsDiploma Thesis04/08 - 10/08
Benjamin SchmidtDiploma Thesis02/08 - 10/08
Benjamin UmmenhoferBachelor Thesis06/08 - 09/08
Robert JakobBachelor Thesis05/08 - 09/08
Thomas StumppDiploma Thesis02/08 - 09/08
Hugo PeixotoMaster Thesis10/07 - 02/08
Hendrik TessendorfDiploma Thesis10/07 - 02/08
Sebastian SchulzDiploma Thesis11/06 - 01/08
Hans-Georg MenzDiploma Thesis12/06 - 06/07
Marc GisslerDiploma Thesis11/06 - 05/07
Michael WagnerDiploma Thesis10/06 - 04/07
Markus IhmsenDiploma Thesis09/06 - 03/07
Nils ZweilingDiploma Thesis09/06 - 03/07
Armin StaudenmaierDiploma Thesis08/05 - 02/06
Thomas AngaranoDiploma Thesis02/05 - 08/05
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